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Tree Felling Specialists in Large, Difficult and Dangerous Jobs

Welcome to Shape Tree and Garden

What do Shape Tree and Garden do?

We do just about everything to do with gardens, recreational land communal areas, front of building landscaping or large open spaces. We Cut down Trees – anywhere in the West Midlands area and beyond if needed. We have all the experience and tools to cut and prune trees of any size from saplings to huge mature trees.

Shape Tree and Garden as the name suggests shape trees. We do everything from making trees aesthetically pleasing and more healthy right through to completely felling and removing very large trees. A full waste removal, shredding and chipping service is available. We also offer stump grinding so you can fully re-use the area for planting, lawn or hardstanding afterwards.

We often have to take fences down to access sites, we have previously had to traverse up 10 gardens to reach a particular job, so we are rather good at Fencing too even if you don’t want a tree down first!

How big is the Shape Tree and Garden team?

We have a number of teams out each day in the Birmingham area felling trees, fencing and doing heavy garden maintenance.

What type of tools do Shape Tree and Garden use?

All Shape Tree and Garden Teams are equipped with cherry pickers, a 56 foot access platform to enable us to reach the tricky pruning jobs that others cannot reach and Shape Tree and Garden have grabbers that can pick up several tonnes of tree trunk. We carry several sizes of chain saw so we can deal with even the largest tree trunks quickly and easily.

Where are Shape Tree and Garden based?

We are based in Birmingham.


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Services Offered

  • Tree felling
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree removal
  • Log for firewood
  • Fencing
  • Gardening
  • Tree pruning
  • Shredding